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Healthcare Beyond Your Expectation

In keeping with our innovative value, we provide other health care solutions and services aimed at fulfilling the need of all our enrollees, at all levels beyond their expectation.

Bupa International Plans

Redcare HMO is also a BUPA accredited representative. For medical services not available within Nigeria our members who are subscribed to our BUPA plans can assess the best of international medical care.


Clinic Services Management

We help establish and run outside Clinic for companies, providing medical personnel and drugs to service the staff of the company.


Food Handlers’ Test

Medical screening designed for staff of organizations whose job roles require them to handle food to be consumed by others. This test screens for diseases which can be transmitted via droplets and direct contact with food/ cooking utensils.


Pre-Employment Test

These tests are for employers who wish to ascertain health status of new employees before hiring. We offer both: Basic and Comprehensive plans.


Drug & Alcohol Test

Designed to help prevent accidents and injury at the work place, curb addiction, and ensure increase level of productivity for employees.


Community Health Plan

A fast growing subsidized health insurance scheme for the low-income groups in the rural areas, this is a health welfare scheme aimed at providing quality healthcare at an affordable cost to the general populace.


Frequently Asked Questions

After Payment For The Health Plan, What Next?

You will receive an introductory Welcome Pack which will include a welcome letter, your Redcare ID card and a member Handbook which has all the information on your health plan that you will require for the year.

Can I Call The Call Care Centre Anytime?

Yes, the Call Care Centre is accessible 24 hours.

Does The Plan Renew Automatically?

Renewal follows the same process as enrollment. You will be required to pay upfront via bank draft, cash or a cheque.

What Happens In An Emergency Situation Or I Get Involved In An Accident And None Of Your Hospitals Are Nearby?

In an event of an emergency, you may access care from the closest hospital to you but we advise you get in touch with us within 24 hours for us to coordinate your care properly.

How Do You Guard Against Under-Treatment?

We have entered into formal agreements with every hospital on our network which clearly spells out acceptable standards of treatment. These are monitored by our care coordinators and case managers who ensure that these standards are maintained.

What Can I Do If I Want To Change My Hospital Or Add A Dependant?

You will need to complete a change of hospital form. You can contact your Redcare Relationship Officer or the Redcare HMO Call Centre via email, or you can access the form directly on the Change of Provider page or Inclusion of Dependant page.

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